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The Best in Water and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Microbial enzyme bioremediation products for industrial wastewater treatment, lake and lagoon pond treatment and beneficial bacteria for septic tanks. Our waste water treatment products used for wastewater clarification are environmentally safe and the best available. Our probiotic aquaculture products are unsurpassed. Our septic tank care and maintenance products for residential or industrial waste water outperform all competitors. From pond, lake and lagoon treatment and clarification, septic tank care to backyard pond products, we have the water treatment products you need. Most products available in water soluble bags.

Water Treatment Products and Applications

  • Industrial Wastewater Select microbial enzyme blend for waste water treatment, clarification and eliminating odor in wastewater systems.
  • Lakes and Lagoons Lake and lagoon water treatment products for water clarification and a healthy probiotic aquatic environment.
  • Aquaculture Probiotic water treatment improves environment for healthier fish and shrimp.
  • Industrial Septic Bacteria and enzyme formula for industrial septic tank care and maintenance. Formula contains powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria.
  • Residential SepticSeptic Bio-Digesterâ„¢ is a powerful, natural product that reduces septic tank problems in residential septic systems. Packed in convenient bucket.
Aquatic BioScience, LLC is committed to providing environmentally sound and effective water treatment products and services. Our wastewater treatment, septic treatment, aquaculture water treatment products are effective yet harmless to the environment and all things living. Our products assist nature in degrading waste materials which in turn reduce and/or eliminate waste accumulation. We continually test, refine and improve each of our water and wastewater treatment products. Our water treatments products are successfully used all over the world. The users of our products cover a diverse range of businesses and all have been enormously satisfied with the superior quality of our products, our customer support and our business integrity.