Aquaculture Treatment

Our aquaculture products are a powerful microbial enzyme formula. 10-100 times more concentrated than any other aquaculture or shrimp farm treatment products available. So are our wastewater treatment products The astounding success of products from Aquatic BioScience®, LLC is due to our unique micro-organisms and enzyme formulations specifically developed for each intended application.  Liquid or dry format treats water in shrimp farms, fish farms and other aquaculture related environments. Choose from our liquid or dry products shown below. BD-FlagClick for exclusive distributors in Bangladesh SA-FlagClick for exclusive distributors in South America VN-FlagClick for distributors in Vietnam

Aquaculture Treatment Products and Applications

  • ABS-SF Microbial probiotic Dry Bio Digester for Shrimp farms and ponds.
  • ABS-SF-L Aquaculture microbial probiotic Liquid Bio Digester for shrimp farms and ponds.
  • ABS-SF-H Aquaculture microbial probiotic Dry Bio Digester for Shrimp Hatcheries.
  • ABS-FP Aquaculture microbial probiotic Dry Bio Digester for lakes, ponds and farms with fish.
  • ABS-FP-WS Aquaculture Bio Digester for Fish ponds and lakes in water soluble bags