Wastewater Treatment

Customers rely on our microbial enzyme forumula for industrial wastewater treatment because our products are 10-100 times more concentrated than other waste water treatment products and are available in water soluble bags. The success of Aquatic BioScience® LLC is due to our unique enzyme and beneficial probiotic formulations specifically developed for each intended application. Liquid or dry format is used for industrial wastewater treatment in waste water ponds/lagoons, septic tank care for septic systems, and wastewater treatment in drain pipes and grease traps. Click on products below for more information. BD-FlagClick for exclusive distributors in Bangladesh SA-FlagClick for exclusive distributors in South America South_Korea_FkagClick for exclusive distributors in South Korea

Water Treatment Products and Applications

  • ABS-WP™ Bio Digester for Wastewater Treatment in waste water Ponds and Lagoons. Powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and specifically selected strains of enzymes for wastewater treatment, wastewater clarification. Eliminates odors.
  • ABS-WP-WS Wastewater Treatment for wastewater Ponds/Lagoons in Water Soluble Bags Same as ABS-WP but packaged in easy to apply water soluble bags.
  • ABS-CP/PM™Corrugator plant and paper mill product. Liquefies and helps eliminate concentrated starch compounds.
  • ABS-Septic™ Septic Tank Treatment
  • ABS-Bluit™ Blue pond tint for wastewater ponds, lakes and lagoons
  • ABS-FP™Aquaculture Bio Digester for Fish ponds and lakes
  • ABS-FP-WS Aquaculture Bio Digester for Fish ponds and lakes in water soluble bags.
  • ABS-SF™ Aquaculture Bio Digester for Shrimp farm ponds
  • ABS-SF-H Aquaculture Bio Digester for Shrimp hatcheries
  • ABS-PF™ Pond Flocculant for wastewater ponds clears water, improves filter performance. Environmentally safe.
  • ABS-DF™ Defoamer for wastewater ponds and lagoons.